Pueblo Mechanical & Controls, Inc.

Commercial HVAC Schools

Pueblo Mechanical provides the following services:

Full spectrum HVAC and required ancillary services, installation and replacement

Energy Management System Controls

Energy savings initiatives (Utility rebates)

Complete central plant retrofits

Mechanical piping/plumbing to include all valves and fittings

Ducting and insulation

Cooling and Fluid cooling tower replacement/repair

Chiller/Boiler repair/replacement

System testing and balance

Complete heating systems

General Contracting: A complete mechanical project with Pueblo as your one trusted source. Electrical, plumbing, roofing and rigging are performed by utilizing our B-01 General Contractor License. Clear and direct communication continues throughout all phases, and overhead costs are significantly reduced.


High-efficiency solutions

Pueblo solutions represent some of the most innovative technologies in the market, including central plant retrofits, economizers, solar water heating, digital control systems and more. Delivering industry-leading efficiency and reliable operation, our installations provide ideal comfort in commercial buildings that demand peak performance and low energy costs.


The costs of older equipment

Because older equipment is more prone to breaking down, repair costs are also generally higher and more frequent with an older system. Spending money to patch an older system – whether it’s for a $1500 condenser coil or a $500 blower motor, plus labor costs – adds up over time and doesn’t improve operational efficiency.